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About Us

One-of-a-Kind Fashion for One-of-a-Kind You.

SHE FABULOUS is a creative art company created by Yalixa Brannon. She calls it "one-time job with great attention to detail. They are always creating limited unique pieces. The fabrics and materials used are vintage, recycled and natural. The clothing is individually tailored to meet any need or desire. Be it in the comfort of iconic style, lifestyle, timeless, sexy, adaptable, fluid or consistent. Each piece is a rarity, exuding the essence of the uniqueness and originality of each person.


Our Team.

At She Fabulous, we believe that behind every unique garment, there's an exceptional team working with passion and dedication. Get to know the people who make our brand possible:

Together, we are committed to excellence and innovation, always striving to take fashion to the next level.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

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